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A Tale of The Bearded Duo

What happens when you play games with your best friend of 24+ years? What happens when you’re asked everywhere that you go if you’re twins? You make BeardedGuysGaming of course! On April 1st 2016 BeardedGuysGaming was born and on November 7th 2016 they were officially partnered by Twitch.

Joe has always been an avid gamer since he was a wee lad playing Atari. His passion for gaming was instilled at a young age. Fast forward to present day and he is married to his wife Summer, and a father to his kids Jagger, Ava, and Aidan. With the support of his family he is able to still enjoy his addiction to gaming. Matt was on the other end of the spectrum and was never really into video games. Partaking in a lot of sports and outdoor activities growing up his time was limited.

In 2005 that all change since Joe was able to convince Matt to try World of Warcraft. Since that time the big, bald, bearded duo has been playing all sorts of games together. Matt was a firefighter/Paramedic and Joe was a sales professional for more than 10+ years and as of August 2017 they have now gone full time as content creators. BeardedGuysGaming has had the privilege of playing games with an awesome community and is very excited to continue their journey with their viewers in the world of of broadcasting and content creation.

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