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Dedication - this is what we bring to our Twitch Channel everytime we stream. We dedicate ourselves to providing high quality content to our audience as well as our business. Becoming partners with Twitch was the first steps of many to come for Bearded Guys Gaming. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss partnerships for the future.

Whether it be products or services we would love to review or promote your items on our channel. We are full time dual streamers, that alone is a rare commodity on Twitch combine that with our dedication we believe we have a winning strategy. A winning strategy not only for us to grow in the Twitch Community but for promoting and marketing your products.  

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Gamer Goo

WHAT IS GAMER GOO? AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Gamer Goo is a hand lotion created for gamers. It keeps your hands dry and cool while you hold the controller, keeps you energized with 3 distinct scents: peppermint, cinnamon, and orange; and will keep you focused during intense gaming sessions. We want Gamer Goo to become a regular staple at your side table or gaming desk, to be the hand lotion you reach for when you turn on your console, and to be your teammate during long hours of epic boss fights.

Web Around

Affordable, collapsible, portable webcam background and green screen. Made of neoprene, nylon fabric and high quality spring steel for decades of use. Perfect for telemedicine providers, video tech advisors, cyber school teachers, students, gamers, telecommuters and salespeople. For those on the go who always need a professional web presence. Gives your video calls a private and professional look.


Artwork by Ravenheart

Simple logos, complex logos, panels, animated alerts, transitions, animated intro & overlays | Artwork by Ravenheart


NEOH was not invented as another boring line extension by a big multinational sugar (aka candybar) corporation, but by a creative entrepreneur, Manuel, in Vienna, Austria. Manuel grew up playing soccer, and after a game he always felt the craving for something sweet and satisfying. The problem was, all of his options came with a lot of unnecessary calories and sugar. The only alternative were protein bars, but they tasted like cardboard! Manuel felt that there had to be a better option.

Manuel took matters in his own hands, studied nutrition and food processing, and started experimenting in his own kitchen. His goal was to find the perfect recipe for a bar with an amazing taste and the best nutritional benefits possible. For over three years he experimented with different ingredients from all over the world, using different techniques and processes to come up with the perfect bar. Fast-forward to today, and we now have a patented recipe and process that combines high protein, low sugar, and a unique and amazing taste all in one bar!

The Beardly Man

Dont' Just Be a Man! Be the Beardly Man! The only all natural Men's personal Care Line.