Thank you again for showing interest in being a part of the stream team. The Beard Brigade is a team comprised of streamers that BeardedGuysGaming endorses and recognizes as quality channels. Twitch is a large place with many different channels to watch and sometimes finding something good is hard to do. So we essentially have added members that we ourselves enjoy watching and suggest to our community to check out as well. 

The Beard Brigade is a team that is a positive force in the community that leans on and supports each other. It’s a group of streamers that is always looking to lift their fellow team members up. Whether it be hosting them, reposting stream times, sharing news, and or encouraging viewers to go watch other stream team members. The team is something that we want you to feel proud to be a part of. The Beard Brigade is what YOU make it though. We’re a team and we’re looking for people willing to put in the effort to make it into something bigger. 

So let’s talk about what the team isn’t. The team isn’t a fast track to partnership. The team isn’t a hollow label to put under your stream. Due to the high volume of interest in joining the Beard Brigade there are limited spots. We will always be accepting applications though, so feel free to check out the guidelines below and answer the questions. Again we appreciate you interest. #Beardstroke